Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tupperware India Consumer Flyer September 2014

Tupperware India September 2014 Flyer / Tupperware September 2014 Flyer 

September Specials

Tupperware Breakfast Set
Healthy Eating Set
Tupperware  Mega Set
Azure Set

Storage Sets:
My First Dry Storage Set
Tupperware Essentials Set 
Tupperware Fridge Smart Set
No Tears Smart Chopper
Delite Serving Set
Ultimo Blademaster Set

School Sets:
Ben 10 Lunch Set

Baby sets 
1) First Feeding Set
2) Baby Nurture Set

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tupperware - September 2014 New Releases

Tupperware India September 2014 New Releases 

MM Oval #1 

Smart Saver #4

 Within Reach Canister

Tropical Twins

Cool n Fresh SF2 - 600ml

One Touch Topper 650ml

Cool Square Half 

Double Wash Bowl 

WONDERCHEF - September 2014 Flyer - Navarathri offers

Hi I am a distributor of Wonderchef. If any body wants to join as a member or purchase the goods Please Contact me.
For more details about the business , please get in touch with us @ 8885422645/8333017023
or mail us at charanenterpriseshyd@gmail.com 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Granitium Wok | Wonderchef

Granitium extremely resistant non-stick coating composed of 4 layers reinforced with mineral particles for ultra intensive use, guarantees a perfect healthy cooking, long life of the utensil, dishwasher suitability, resistance to metal tools, ease of cleaning as well as safety in case of intolerances or allergies to nickel. High heat resistant, maximum recommended temperature for retaining food properties when cooking without liquids - e.g. when grilling - 250°C.

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